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FotoNatur - Janez Žalig

Alexander VODA


When did you first start shooting?
I started to photograph as a young boy way back in elementary school and later it’s become more and more intensively so today i am totally addicted to nature and photography.

What sparked your enthusiasm for photography?
My passion to become a photographer was born out of a love and fascination of the natural world upon receiving my first wildlife book. “look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”

Enjoying nature, finding animals in their natural habitat, and journeys related to that.

At which locations around the world have you already been taking photographs?
North America, Africa, but personally I like Europe’s wilderness. For most people the wilderness conveys a symbol of far away and exotic places, but it is also in Europe where the nature stays as fettered as it had been centuries ago. I like to photograph nature and wildlife of Europe.

Which animal do you prefer to photograph?
the most difficult question…. today maybe some frog, tomorrow some bird, day after tomorrow maybe a bear and then some insects… I don’t know…i simply love the animals…

What do you think is necessary to make a dream photo?
These days, it’s more difficult than ever to create something unique. The challenge is to do everything that’s been done before, only in a better location with a better light.

What do you still want to photograph, but you have not yet done it?
another difficult question…. the list is very long, but this is what keeps us going and our passion for creating images always stays.

What do you think of Slovenia as a photographic destination?
Slovenia offers enormous possibilities for wildlife photography.