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FotoNatur - Janez Žalig



When did you first start shooting?
I first met with photography in elementary school as a member of the mountaineering society youth section. Later, as an alpinist, I photographed a lot on climbing tours and expeditions. Today, I am completely addicted to photography, because I am a really a traveller and adventurer in my soul, so nature science photography really suits me down to the ground.

What sparked your enthusiasm for photography?
The desire to create something unique.

Enjoying nature, finding animals in their natural habitat, and journeys related to that.

At which locations around the world have you already been taking photographs?
Africa, North America, India, Japan, Russia, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Nepal, Germany, Hungary, Croatia. Among all the locations, I am especially proud of visiting Svalbard and Wrangler Island.

Which animal do you prefer to photograph?
A bear

What do you think is necessary to make a dream photo?
Everything must coincide. Dream scenario

What do you still want to photograph, but you have not yet done it?
A whale or an orca in their activity

What do you think of Slovenia as a photographic destination?
It's a beautiful country with many hidden photographic places