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FotoNatur - Roman Abraham
FotoNatur - Roman Abraham



When did you first start shooting?
I was firstly drawn to photography in 2004 when I become a manager of a Peca cottage.

What sparked your enthusiasm for photography?
I was impressed by our Carinthian landscape. I was impressed by footages of mountaineers who were returning from the top they sometime took with mobiles or cameras.

And the Photohunt? Since you do not kill animals, but you have to make an effort to shoot a good photo and often go to the same location and wait, wait, and wait some more for the right moment to be satisfied with the shot. For a good shot, it takes a lot of effort, patience, and of course knowledge, and you have to be observant and see the beauties of nature.

At which locations around the world have you already been taking photographs?
I photographed in Croatia, Austria, Spain, Germany, Hungary.

Which animal do you prefer to photograph?
My favourite animal to photograph is chamois.

What do you think is necessary to make a dream photo?
For a dream photo, you first need the will to get up at 2 am, a good camera, a lens, the right lighting, and - of course - the luck to capture the animal with the lens.

What do you still want to photograph, but you have not yet done it?
I would still like to photograph animals that do not live in our environment.

What do you think of Slovenia as a photographic destination?
Slovenia offers many opportunities for the Photohunt, as there is still a lot of unspoiled nature in which different animals live, and the landscape itself offers many opportunities for beautiful photos.