FotoNatur - Željko Zbašnik



When did you first start shooting?
The first time I met Janez Žalig a few years ago. He is the one who excited me about the photography.

What sparked your enthusiasm for photography?
The desire to learn something new. The vicinity of nature.

Relaxation, peace, nature.

At which locations around the world have you already been taking photographs?
Europe. Mostly Gorski Kotar and Slovenia.

Which animal do you prefer to photograph?
The bear and the lynx.

What do you think is necessary to make a dream photo?
To be in the right place at the right time.

What do you still want to photograph, but you have not yet done it?
The white bear.

What do you think of Slovenia as a photographic destination?
Slovenia is an unshaped diamond. Similar to Croatia, it is one of those destinations with enormous amount of natural features and hidden corners the human has not yet seen and explored.