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FotoNatur - Jure Novak
FotoNatur - Jure Novak



When did you first start shooting?
I started shooting in 2009.

What sparked your enthusiasm for photography?
I became enthusiastic on my own. A year before I started photographing I was only observing birds and the nature, and later a strong desire appeared to photograph what I see.

The Photohunt is a special kind of "hunting". The hunting that yields quality photographs and a memory of the experience in nature.

At which locations around the world have you already been taking photographs?
I photographed in many of European countries (the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, etc.), and one time I journeyed to Tunisia and Dubai with my camera.

Which animal do you prefer to photograph?
I prefer to photograph birds, especially the common kingfisher and the hoopoe.

What do you think is necessary to make a dream photo?
A dream photo would need several elements, sometimes there will be more and sometimes less of them. But the key elements are knowledge, patience, and the equipment (usually the most important thing in photographing animals is the camouflage equipment).

What do you still want to photograph, but you have not yet done it?
The list of birds and other animals that are still on my wish list is just too long. I would mention the rock thrush though, a very evasive type of a bird.

What do you think of Slovenia as a photographic destination?
Slovenia is very neglected as a photo destination in the field of wildlife photography. Very few people are coming here to photograph animals (except the bears) since we have not yet developed tourism in this area. However, the fact is that Slovenia offers enormous possibilities for photography and is has varied species since many animals live here, especially birds and wild beasts not present elsewhere in Europe.